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Research Projects

2014 ID-EDU
Description: The project aims to specify an academic id card to all brazilian univesities that is based on the ICAO 9303 document standard. This project also aims to materialise the federated enviroment credential enabling the use of biometric authentication. Funding: RNP
2013 ICAO 9303 Registration Authority
Description: The project implemented a registration authority to the Brazlian Academic PKI that automatically extract data and issues digital certificates based on ICAO 9303 documents (passports) .Funding: RNP
2012 – 2013 Bry Cloud
Description: The project aims to implement a cloud storage scheme for private keys running under an autorisation framework based on mobile devices. The goal is to provide digital signatures valid under the Brazilian standard on the cloud .Funding: FINEP/BRY
2011 – 2013 Mobile Identification Certificate for secure access to telemedicine a environments
Description: The project aims to implement computational schemes and multiple access control mechanisms which can provide certainty in authentication transactions and  access control for health professionals. The protocols and software developed must be run from mobile devices which  are present in the daily life of such professionals .Funding: FINEP
2010 – 2011 Multifactor Authentication in Computer Systems
Description: This project aims to specify, analyze and implement a protocol to perform authentication using digital certificates and, optionally, biometric fingerprints on a distributed computer systems.Funding: Softplan
2006 – 2011 Verifying Multicast Based Security Protocols
Description: We developed a new set of theories capable of representing all the known message casting frameworks. Our theories enable the Inductive Method to rea- son about a whole new set of protocols. We also speci ed a basic abstraction of threshold cryptography as a way of proving the extensibility of the method regarding new cryptographic primitives. We shown the feasibility of our speci- cations by revisiting a classic protocol, now veri ed under our framework. A secrecy veri cation under a mixed environment of Multicast and Unicast was also done.Funding: CAPES
2004 – 2006 ICP EDU – II
Description: The GT ICP-EDU aims to develop a public key infrastructure for Brazilian universities. Among the products of this project is a system for managing the lifecycle of digital certificates and a cryptographic platform for the management of cryptographic keys .Funding: RNP
2003 – 2004 ICP-EDU I
Description: The GT ICP-EDU aims to develop a public key infrastructure for Brazilian universities. Among the products of this project is a system for managing the lifecycle of digital certificates.Funding: RNP